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Excerpts in mp3 format are available for selected works - just click on the link next to the title of the piece.

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orchestra 2222 2221 timp. 2 perc. strings 12,12,8,8,4
Duration: 6 minutes
Commissioned by the Shropshire Music Service to celebrate its 40th anniversary.
First performance: Shropshire Youth Orchestra, Haden Freeman Concert Hall, Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester, July 2006

A Matter Of Life And Death   (sound clip)

small orchestra 1(pic)11(bcl)1 221 2perc hp.cel. str.
Duration: 17 minutes (part 1: 10 mins; part 2: 7 mins)
Part 1 first performed by the Renatus Orchestra cond. Philip Dutton, Guildhall School of Music, London January 2015

Firenight Dancing
chamber orchestra 0111,1000 strings 75432
Duration: 13 minutes
First performance: Britten Sinfonia, Cambridge, February 1997

Jiggery-pokery    (sound clip)
clarinet choir: Eb, 6 Bb (1,2,3), 2 Altos Eb, 3 Bass Bb, Contrabass Bb
Commissioned by Ealing Clarinet Choir and Ensemble (ECCE)
First performance: ECCE, St Paul's School, London, November 2007

New Ribbons    (sound clip)
orchestra 2222,2200 timp. strings 86442
Duration: 5 ½ minutes
First performance: City of London Sinfonia, Barbican Hall, London, October 1996

Tamara's Leaving    (sound clip)
large orchestra 3332, 4331 timp. 3 perc. strings 16,14,12,10,8
(or for double orchestra 6664 8661, 2 timps, 6 perc., strings 32,28,24,20,16)
Duration: 19 minutes
Commissioned by the Cornwall and Devon youth orchestras with funds from South West Arts and Orchestral Development Devon and Cornwall.
First performance: Devon and Cornwall youth orchestras, BBC Music Live, Plymouth Pavillions, May 2000
The Fields Beyond    (sound clip)
large orchestra 3333,4331 timp. 4 perc. pf, hp, strings 16,14,12,10,8
Duration: 12 minutes
First performance: English Northern Philharmonia, York University, April 1999

Tongue and Groove
For wind band
Instrumentation: Piccolo, Flutes 1-3, Oboe (doubling English Horn), 3 Clarinets in Bb (1st doubling Eb Clarinet), Bass Clarinet, Bassoon, Soprano Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Horns in F 1-2, Trumpets in Bb 1-3, Tenor Trombone, Bass Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba, Timpani, Percussion 1 (Large Tam-tam, Vibraphone, Claves), Percussion 2 (Claves, Maracca, Bass Drum, suspended Cymbal), Percussion 3 (Cabassa, Smaller Tam-tam)
Duration: I+II+III circa 10’
I circa 4’
II circa 3’20”
III circa 2’30”
The score is written in C
This piece was written for the Mid-Herts Youth Wind Band, directed by Simon Tillier, to play on their tour of Germany in August 2004.
Yarn and Black Sails    (sound clip)
Mixed ability string orchestra
violins 1 (professional), violins 1 (student), violins 2 (professional), violins 2 (student), violas (professional), violas (student), cellos (professional), cellos (student), double bass
Duration: circa 9'
This piece was performed on 30 June 2007 at The Purcell School by the Ensemble of London with string students from The Purcell School and Greater London Schools conducted by Ian Jewel. It was commissioned by The Purcell School and the Ensemble of London.
The Angels    (sound clip)
2 Clarinets in Bb, 2 Bassoons, 2 Trumpets in C (first doubling Trumpet in D), 2 Tenor Trombones (first doubling Alto Trombone), Bass Trombone, Timpani (doubling Tam-tam, Mark Tree and 2 Suspended Cymbals), Children’s voices (at least 15) (The children’s parts may be sung by a small choir of light sopranos if no children are available), 4 Soloists SATB, Mixed Choir SATB, Strings: not less than
Duration 20 minutes (part 1:  9 mins, part 2: 11 mins)
Commissioned by London Concert Choir (with funding as above)
First performance: London Concert Choir, English Chamber Orchestra and children from schools in Kensington and Chelsea. Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, October 2000
Revised for a performance by Oxford Pro Musica Singers, and orchestra with local school children at the Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford, October 2003

Frost at Midnight    (sound clip)
text by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
SATB choir and orchestra 3333, 4331 timp., 2 perc., hp, strings 88643
Duration: 20 minutes
Commissioned by London Concert Choir with funds provided by London Arts Board, National Federation of Music Societies, Britten Pears Foundation, The Holst Foundation and the Hinrichsen Foundation.
First performance: Queen Elizabeth Hall, South Bank Centre, London, March 1999
Echo Songs
texts by George Herbert and Alfred Lord Tennyson
SATB chorus, SATB semi-chorus, 2 trumpets and 3 trombones
Duration: 10 minutes
Commissioned by London Concert Choir with funds as above
First performance: Southwark Cathedral, London, November 1999

Songs of Belonging (sound clip1) (sound clip2) (sound clip3)
SATB (soloists from the choir), children's choir, percussion, narrator.
First performance: Canticum, conducted by Mark Forkgen, 30th September 2010 at the Church of St Saviours, Pimlico, London.
Commissioned by Canticum Chamber Choir with funds from BBC's Choral Ambition Scheme.
Duration: 53 minutes
comprising 18 shorter movements accompanied and unaccompanied.

Yarn and Black Sails
strings: at least 4,4,2,2,1
Commissioned by The Purcell School and Ensemble of London.
First performed by Ensemble of London and Purcell School students, June 2007
Sad Songs    (sound clip1)    (sound clip2)
concerto for oboe solo and strings 44321
Duration: 15 minutes
First performance: October 2002, in The Warehouse, London. Opus 20, conducted by Scott Stroman with Andrew Knights as soloist. Part of the Cutting Edge concert series co-ordinated by the British Music Information Centre.

St Cecilia's Day Parade
string quartet
Duration: 7 minutes
First performance: Bingham String Quartet, Bath Festival, June 1994
Neil and Karen's Piece    (sound clip)
violin, clarinet and cello
Duration: 12 minutes
First performance: Composers Ensemble, Oxford Contemporary Music Festival, November 1996

After the Parade    (sound clip)
1996 (revised 1997)
string quartet
Duration: 7 minutes
Colchester New Music/Colchester Institute commission with funds from Eastern Arts, PRS, Colchester Borough Council and Essex County Council.
First performance:  Schidloff String Quartet, Colchester Institute (1996)
First performance of revision:  Bingham String Quartet, Church of St Anne and St Agnes, London, March 1997

Crowding In    (sound clip)
string quartet
Duration: 10 minutes
Commissioned by the London Chamber Group (COMA) with funds provided by Arts4Everyone (National Lottery)
First performance London Chamber Group (COMA) at Conway Hall, London, November 1998
irst professional performance by the Bingham String Quartet, St Giles, Barbican, 20 April 2002
Eight Drummers Drumming
CYM Percussion Ensemble, conducted by Tony Malony, Morley College, London, 29 June 2002
Happy Returns    (sound clip)
Duration circa 12 minutes
Flute (doubling alto and Bass flutes), Clarinet (doubling bass clar. and de-tuned guitar), Percussion (1 player), Cello
First performed by e2K conducted by Robin Newton, Colchester Institute, 16 March 2002. Dedicated to Alan Parsons on 70th birthday

A Bigger Splash    (sound clip)
For small ensemble
Instrumentation: Flute, Clarinet in Bb doubling Bass Clarinet, Percussion – 1 player (3 Roto toms – low, medium and high; Suspended Cymbal), *Electric Guitar (with Fuzz pedal), Piano, Violin , Viola, Cello

*NB This piece can be performed without the Electric Guitar. The guitar cues are shown in other instruments’ parts in the score. If there is no guitar do a General Pause at the end of bar 151.
Duration: Circa 7 ½ minutes
The score is written in C
This work was written for and recorded by Big Noise on their first CD. It was composed during spring and summer 2002. And revised after rehearsals in spring 2003

Long Division
For Brass Tentet
Instrumentation: 4 Trumpets in Bb, 1 Horn in F,
3 Tenor Trombones, Bass Trombone, Tuba
Duration: circa 10 ½ minutes
I   circa 2 ½ minutes
II  circa 2 ¼ minutes
III circa 2 ¾ minutes
IV circa 3 minutes
The score is written in C
This work was written during Simon Speare’s time as Composer in Residence at the Centre for Young Musicians, London, for the CYM Brass Tentet directed by Geoffrey Harness.
Sax Quartet
For Saxophone quartet
Instrumentation: Soprano Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone
I   circa 3’
II  circa 2’
III circa 3’
Total duration circa 8’ 30”
The score is written in C with each part in the octave in which it sounds.
This piece was commissioned while Composer in Residence at the Centre for Young Musicians, London.
A Gentle Weeping (In memoriam George Harrison)    (sound clip)
For small ensemble
Instrumentation: Flute,
Clarinet in Bb, Percussion: 1 player (Vibraphone, Tabla and Suspended Cymbal), Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass guitar (this can be played by double bass (mostly pizz.) if more convenient).
Duration: circa 4 minutes
The score is written in C
This work was composed for and first performed by Big Noise on their debut CD. The piece was sketched out on the day I heard of George Harrison’s death. Loosely interwoven into this piece are fragments from his song While My Guitar Gently Weeps. The first performance was given by students at the Purcell School conducted by Karim Said on December 9th 2002.

Paean    (complete performance mp3)
2007 (revised 2015)
violin, cello and piano
Duration: 6 minutes
First performance: Jørgensen Trio, Clarendon Muse, Watford
March 2015
18 February 1915    (complete performance mp3)
soprano, organ and trumpet
Duration: 9 minutes
First performance: Vor Frue Kirke, Aarhus, Denmark. August 2013.
Camilla Løvstad, soprano; Poul S Jacobsen, organ; Tristan Button, trumpet
L'inspiration    (sound clip)
1992 (revised 1997)
cello and piano
Duration: 11 minutes
First performance: Penelope Lynex (cello) and Alexander Wells (piano), Middlesex University, London, May 1993
Revised version performed by the same duo at the British Music Information Centre, London, November 1997

Double Portrait
violin and viola
Duration: 4 minutes
First performance: Duo concertante - Orpheus Papafillippou (violin) and Geoffrey Irwin (viola)
National Portrait Gallery, London May 2002
Abandoned slatemine. Ghosts and fiddler    (sound clip)
For violin and percussion duo
Vibraphone , Violin
Both players are required at times to hit together 2 stones found on a walk (preferably pieces of slate).
Duration: Circa 6’ 30”
This piece was commissioned and first performed by Fiddlesticks  - Ellie Fagg (violin) and Owen Gunnell (vibraphone)  - at St Albans School Young Musicians Series on 6 November 2003.

Panorama    (sound clip)
cello and piano

Duration: Circa 4’
Panorama was first performed by Sarah Suckling (cello) and Huw Watkins in a concert at the Royal College of Music, London on 17th April 2005
Pygmalion and Galatia   (sound clip - full performance)
viola and harpsichord
First performance: The Flackton Duo; Geoffrey Irwin (baroque viola) and Masumi Yamamoto (harpsichord),
Music by The Commons, London, March 2009

Star Rising   (sound clip - full performance)
(in memory of Toby Davies)
First performance: Laura Davies (flute) and Hyungi Lee (vibraphone)
The Purcell School, April 2014
Come back early or never come    (sound clip)
text by Louis MacNiece
soprano, flute, clarinet, piano, violin and cello.
Duration: 6 minutes
First performance: Nomos directed by Paul Webster BMIC, London, April 1993
First professional performance: Jane's Minstrels (Jane Manning Soprano), Reading University, May 1995

So, Time    (sound clip)
text by Thomas Hardy
soprano, violin, clarinet and cello
Duration: 14 minutes
First performance: Absolute Zero, conductor Patrick Bailey, Bridge Lane Theatre, Battersea, London, December 1996
Night Song    (sound clip)
text by William Shakespeare
baritone, flute, clarinet, horn, harp, perc., cello
Duration: 5 ½ minutes
Commissioned by Opera North with funds from Yorkshire Arts
First performance: Opera North Chamber Ensemble, conductor Martin Pickard, baritone Damian Thantry, Leeds, January 2000

Snakes and Ladders
piano solo
Duration: 7 minutes
Curtain Raiser
piano solo
Duration: 2 minutes
First performance: Joanna MacGregor, Isleworth Festival, May 2000

piano solo
I Curtain Raiser; II Soliloquy; III Fight Sequence; IV Love Scene
I circa 2 minutes   
(sound clip)
II circa 1 ½ minutes   
(sound clip)
III circa 2 ½ minutes   
(sound clip)
IV circa 3 minutes   
(sound clip)
Total duration: circa 10 minutes (including pauses between movements)
The first movement was performed by Joanna MacGregor at the Isleworth Festival on 20th May 2000. The other movements were composed between January and March 2002 and first performed by Helen Leek on the Big Noise CD.

Yin and Yang
For solo guitar
Duration: circa 5 minutes
Yin circa 2' 30"
Yang circa 2' 30"
For solo viola
Duration: circa 3 minutes
Catharsis was first performed by Geoffrey Irwin at Colchester Institute on 29 March 2006.
Demeter and Persephone   (sound clip - full performance)
solo violin
Duration: 8 minutes
First performance: Joo-Yeon Sir, The Purcell School, December 2006

Eros and Psyche
Solo clarinet in Bb
Duration: 8 minutes
First performance: Richard Russell, Lauderdale House, London
April 2009
Echo and Narcissus   (sound clip - full performance)
solo piano
Duration: 4' 30"
First performance: Helen Reid, Lauderdale House, London
April 2009

Prometheus   (sound clip - full performance)
solo cello
Duration: 10 mins
First performance: Jessica Burroughs, Lauderdale House, London
April 2009